Woo Physicians Over Through Targeted Email Automation

August 14, 2017 Kaitlin Gunter, Copywriter

Leveraging a successful email campaign to physicians starts with strategy, is told through the vehicle of story, and produces the best results when cycled through a workflow.

True North Custom’s Director of User Experience and Product Development Eric Clarkson and Technical Project Manager Amy Morris describe the way we help clients reach this elusive and busy audience.

“Essentially, the entire email campaign is programmed to react to user response, and the email list stays continually updated,” Clarkson says. “When new users are added, they are automatically placed into the beginning of the email sequence, which uses a combination of drip and trigger emails. If users aren’t engaging, we’ll periodically ask them if they are still interested in receiving emails, removing any from the list who opt out. For those who show interest (based on open and click rate) we continue moving them along from awareness to conversion.”

The overall goal of physician nurturing is to engage, educate, and prompt action, but before we set out on a specific campaign, we work with clients to move them through groundwork steps, Morris says.

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